About Bonaire

Bonaire is located one of the three ABC islands that at the height of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. The island is furthermore part of the archipelago Caribbean Netherlands (also known as the BES islands), comprising also Saba and St. Eustatius. 
This tropical island is an ideal destination if you want to enjoy the sun and sea. The long, white beaches of Bonaire also have a huge attraction for all sun sun lovers. Boka Slagbaai, 1000 Steps, Pink Beach, Sorobon, Bachelor's Beach and No Name Beach are some famous beaches that can be found on Bonaire.
Because of the ever-blowing winds from the east is on Bonaire a kite- & windsurfing paradise. Not long ago, surf experts named Bonaire one of the 10 best surf spots in the world. At Lac Bay (Sorobon), a shallow turquoise lagoon, there's a beautiful beach and there are two windsurfing schools. At Altlantis beach is the on the south side is the established  of the kite surfers also with a kiteboarding school. . Bonaire often has professional Wind and Kitesurfer who are training during the winter.
The mangrove vegetation Lac Bay in the southeast of Bonaire is the nursery of marine life in the Caribbean Sea which bathes Bonaire. This protected area is unique in the region, and an important breeding ground for numerous exotic birds.
Kayaking through the mangroves of Bonaire is in the top 10 most attractive activities that you can take on the islands of the Caribbean archipelago.
Bonaire is the perfect place to fully enjoy a beautiful sunset. Many places on the island offer a nice view of the sunset and you can then enjoy this wonderful natural spectacle in peace.
Of course, Bonaire is known for its breathtaking underwater life and ease where divers from around the world to come to see.